About Us

Our Story

We started Politically Incorrect Pets! to offer our fur loving friends a real choice in what they could buy for their Dog or Cat. We decided to keep it fun with toys, beds and much much more. Our unofficial logo at the office has always been “everyone sells food, we sell fun” We also strive to keep our prices fair. All pet owners should be able to get something great for their pet without breaking the bank. The websites “Senior Dog Toy Tester”  is Shadow. Since we are a family company we decided to keep it in the family. Shadow owns the “hoo-man” who writes a lot of our fantastic blogs. The websites mascot and “Senior Cat Toy Tester” is our cat Charlie. As you can tell from his picture he has not always lived in the lap of luxury. Not to worry though, Charlie sticks out his tongue when he is happy and as you can see from his picture he is very happy. We named the website Politically Incorrect Pets! after our beloved Charlie. In a world of always worrying about doing or saying the right thing, sometimes you just have to stick out your tongue!

We hope you and your furry friends enjoy our website.

Prince Charles!