About Us

Hi Everyone!

My name is Prince Charles but you can call me Charlie.

It was all my idea to start this website so all fur parents could find the coolest, best things ever for their fur babies!

It is kind of a funny name for a website so I guess I had better explain it. When I am happy I like to stick out my tongue and purr. One day I was so happy my tongue was sticking waaaaaaay out. My Daddy saw me and told me that  I looked rude. He said some people might call me politically incorrect.  Mommy thought it was so funny she named the whole website after me!

Prince Charles!

I wanted to call it “Charlie the best looking, nicest, friendliest, supreme ruler of the house store”. I disagreed, but they said it was too long so we went with Mommy’s choice “Politically Incorrect Pets!”

My Brothers,  Sister and I personally approved everything. It is a lot of work trying out all those comfy beds and fun toys. We picked out our favourites just for you.

I used to be a stray like all my Brothers and Sister so our first real home was an animal shelter. They took good care of us until we found our forever homes with Mommy and Daddy.  I had this great idea to give five percent of every purchase to charity.  Pretty smart huh? See our charity page for a full list of where your donation dollars can go to. It’s your choice!