About Us

Our Story

We started Politically Incorrect Pets! to offer our fur loving customers a real choice in what they could buy for their Dog or Cat. Then after a while we were having so much fun we decided to add their owners into the mix. So now, we have along with our great categories for Dogs and Cats six new Shop Hoo-Man categories to choose from. Pretty exciting stuff!

We like to call ourselves a boutique family owned Canadian Website. Only in Canada eh? Nope, we ship everywhere! We don’t try to compete with the big guys. Who needs that kind of hassle? Keep it small, price with integrity and most of all make it a great shopping experience for you, our valued customer.

Shopping for your best buddy whether they have four legs or two should be easy and enjoyable. We are always on the look out for great finds for Dogs, Cats and You! We are happy to leave the everyday needs of food, litter and so forth to “The Other Guys”

The websites “Senior Dog Toy Tester” is Shadow. Since like we said we are a family company we decided to keep it in the family. Shadow is the “Owner” of one of our Hoo-Mans who also contributes blogs to our website.

The websites Spokescat is Charlie who also holds the position of  President in charge of product selection. As you can tell from his picture Charlie has not always had an easy life. He started his life in a Cat Colony. No one is really sure how he sustained such horrific injuries. To this day he is very slow to trust any one.  We adopted Charlie out of a local shelter and he now lives the life of luxury. Charlie does have one funny quirk, when he is happy he sticks out his tongue.  As you can see he is very,very happy. We named the website Politically Incorrect Pets! after our beloved Charlie. In a world of always worrying about doing or saying the right thing, sometimes you just have to stick out your tongue!

In the mood to help an animal in need? Give our charity page a read. Giving back has never been this much fun.

We hope you enjoy our website!


Prince Charles!