Are All Online Products for Dogs and Cats The Same?

 Are all online products for Dogs and Cats the same? The Whole concept of buying for our cat and dog has drastically changed over the last few years. On line shopping is huge and rightly so. It is just so convenient. You can sit in the comfort of your own home no matter the time and order everything you could ever want for your pet. Seems like before your coffee has even cooled it is being delivered right to your door. The problem is, how do you know what you really just bought?

A good rule of thumb is to research your product and don’t be fooled by imitations. Have you ever noticed how you look at a product online and then suddenly your Facebook stream is exploding with seemingly the same product from dozens of different companies and at a fraction of the price. Sometimes even the company name is the same. Could it be the very same thing just far cheaper? We say of course not!

It is almost a guarantee that in most cases even though they look the same you are not getting the very same product. Think about it for a minute….How can someone offer the very same product at such a huge discount? That’s easy, it’s not the same thing. Buyer beware as the old saying goes. We all want what is best, safest and healthiest for our beloved pet. Every Pawrent feels the same way.

In our global community not everyone enjoys the same safety standards as we have come to take for granted in our pets, toys and food. What you just bought online for such a good deal, is it being shipped directly from a country that does not have the same safety standards as the county you are living in? In order to be so much cheaper many things have to outright be missing or made with inferior components. It may look like a great deal but it won’t seem that way when it stops working after a few weeks, or hours!

That is why we put a lot of effort into offering great quality, safe electronic items for your dog or cat. Brand names that you have grown to trust, names like Wicked Ball and Frolicat. The Wicked Ball is a great example. You see dozens of look alike products online for a fraction of the cost. Is the motor of the same quality, does it have LED lights? What about safety features? Has it been tested to truly say it is a waterproof electronic ball? Probably not but The Wicked Ball can. That is why we chose to carry it, we believe in the quality and the safety standards they adhere to.

Dog and Cat water fountains are another item you see on the internet being offered by dozens and dozens of online retailers at ultra-cheap prices. It would be a good guess to assume alot of corners had to be cut in order to sell it to cheap. Is it really BPA free, how long is that motor going to last? What is the quality of the filter? We find this particularly alarming as this is a fountain your pet drinks out of every day and you leave plugged in 24/7. After extensive research we decided to carry the Eversweet line of dog and cat fountains. Eversweet is of a superior quality and loaded with safety feature.

Most times spending a few dollars more on a product you know and trust can save you money. After all, buying cheaper version five times over is far more expensive, frustrating and time consuming.

The above article is an opinion piece. We encourage all Pawrents to do their own independant research.