Cat Toys For Bored Cats (2022 Edition)

Cat Toys: For Bored Cats

Remember those no-activity times when we hoomans felt absolutely listless and bored? Didn’t it become all about nachos, Netflix, and no activity, then? Cats are no different, and it shows. (Shredding your favorite curtain was more than your Horus sharpening his nails.) And, as Charlie, the Chief Feline Officer (CFO) at Politically Incorrect Pets! , will have you know, cat toys keep them busy and out of trouble, yes, but more importantly, toys keep them healthy.

Felines are uncontested meow-narchs of the internet and have a distinct image of being solitary, aloof, and low-maintenance. Cats are more independent than other pets, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel lonely or bored. Unfortunately, with these image stereotypes, cats have a higher chance of getting dropped back into shelters by their owners if they become destructive and misbehave.

And, that’s a very purr-turbing thought for our Charlie.

3 Reasons Your Cat is Bored of Cat Toys

Cat toys for bored cats are essential for a variety of reasons. You might think that your cats are fine being alone with nothing to do all day. They’re not. If you notice carefully, you can catch clear signs that they are bored, and you need some cat toys to keep them busy and nippy.

Charlie says, meow! (Or ‘Go!’ in human.)

a black and white cat laying tummy down on a couch arm

Reason 1: They’re not playing with cat toys

A healthy feline is a master of napping. Your cat spends over fifteen hours each day sleeping, and that’s alright. What you need to be watchful about is a drop in your kitty’s curiosity and activity when it’s awake. If you notice that your cat only moves when it’s tuna time and is no longer showing interest in climbing or playing, it’s a problem. Boredom and lethargy do not make for a good pet.

If your kitten is bored, it’s time to bring in some cat toys to stimulate its mind and body. Our Melon Madness Puzzle & Play by Outward Hound is a great cat toy for hunting as it’s designed to challenge your cat into foraging for their food. If you’ve been looking for toy you can put treats in, this is the purr-fect match! Instead of just gobbling food out of its bowl, your kitty gets to play, learn, and be active. cat playing with orange Melon Madness cat toy

Reason 2: Their cat toys do not keep them from troubling other pets

Has your Macavity been tormenting your hamster? Does your tiny tabby bully your hundred-pound dog or stalk your birds? Well, cats have been known to turn into bullies when they are bored and unhappy. (Them being descendants of gods and looking for sacrifices is another plausible theory.)

Fortunately, nothing helps entertain bored cats like cat toy puzzles! And, at Politically Incorrect Pets! we have a range of them that’ll keep your feline minds charged and away from destroying the peace of your other pets. With its multiple pockets, attached rattle ball, and infinite play choices, our Puzzlements Pockets Play Mat by Kong comes loaded with Kong premium catnip!

The Puzzle Feeder by Doc & Phoebe is another on the list of our specialized cat toys. For bored cats, this is in a particular category that combines toys and food as well as toys and puzzles! This puzzle feeder helps in providing mental stimulation, reducing stress, allowing exploration, and developing your kitten’s hunting skills. It also prevents scarf and barf by allowing them to feed slowly and has increasing difficulty levels to keep boredom at bay.

Reason 3: Your bored cat is overeating & overweight

Not unlike their hoomans, a major sign of boredom and depression in cats is overeating. If they are feeling mopey and mentally stagnated, they are prone to eating endlessly simply to have something to do. And, that is why bored cats are very commonly obese and suffering from related health issues. Remember Garfield? He’s funny, yes, but also extremely bored, overweight, and unhealthy. (Check out our cat toys, Jon! What are you waiting for?!)

Another red alert is repetitive behavior in cats, like overgrooming. Kitties love to groom themselves a lot, even when they are healthy. But if they are licking, pulling out their furs, or chewing/biting their skin way too much, it can cause irritation which prompts them to continue going on. Charlie meows a big ‘NO’ to that.

When it comes to getting a cat toy for hunting, it’s all about the prey for these little natural predators. And what better prey than a mouse? (Sorry, not sorry, Jerry! This one is for Tom.) At Politically Incorrect Pets! , we have curated some of the finest cat toys for hunting, like the Doc and Phoebe Three Mice Indoor Hunting Kit . An intereactive toy, this is the world’s first indoor feeding system that enhances your cat’s natural instinct to hunt prey, you can simply put treats in these toys and hide them for your cats to find. Combining toys and food, they solve your scarf and barf troubles and keep your cats active and their hunting skills sharp. cat playing with a mouse shaped cat toy on a table

Cat toys for bored cats to calm their destructive souls

If your kitten is looking for trouble, be assured they will find it. Cats need toys otherwise they will make some out of whatever is before them: toilet paper, sweaters, wool balls, curtains, anything. They require stimulation and action, something that keeps their bored, destructive nature to the minimum and instead works on sharpening its natural hunting skills.

For that, we have our very special Charlie-approved Forever Fun Treat Track by Doc & Phoebe ! The beautiful teal-colored treat track a perfect cat toy for hunting practice. A happy cat plays with its food. A cat that plays with its food is happy. Do you need a more purr-fect circle of life than this?! It’s the best among cat toys that you can put treats in (like catnip) and watch your kitty go mad in play.

Are cat toys a luxury or necessity?

Definitely, a necessity, no questions there. You do not want your cat mopey and unhealthy, your house shredded, and your other pets tormented. Yes, there are cheaper as well as costlier toys in the market and with us. Cat toys for luxury, though, are secondary. We now know why cats need toys, and that is because toys keep them busy and create a natural feline construct for them even when they are locked indoors, something we all know is essential for a cat’s holistic growth.

As Emily Dickinson said, “She sights a Bird – she chuckles – / She flattens – then she crawls – / She runs without the look of feet – / Her eyes increase to Balls -” there is only one way to keep a house cat curious, and that means replicating as much of its natural lifestyle as possible.

And, that could be cat toys and food, toys and puzzles, or both!