Cats need vertical safe zones

Buying a good cat tree or perch is an essential item for your cat(s) overall well being. There are many variables involved in getting just the right one, but first let us talk a little bit about why a cat requires vertical spaces. The housecat like wild cats just naturally like to see things from a higher perspective.  It gives them the ability to have a safe space away from other pets. Let us face it, we all like a little down time and your cat is no different. It provides them with a sense of security and allows them a great vantage point to keep an eye on the world going around them. If you are a multi-cat household, you should provide more than one vertical safe space zone. Different cats have different requirements, and your choice of cat tree should reflect that. If you have an older cat it is important to provide them with a cat tree that is smaller yet still gives them the feeling of being up high. We recommend the Evo Cat Tree. More compact, it is much easier for older cats to access. Have a super active cat? You need something high with a few levels. Our favourite is the Evo Tower. At a whopping floor to ceiling 8 feet high it has everything your active cat needs. Think about mixing it up a little bit! Do not forget about the cat perch. No more holes in your walls, todays cat perches can be moved from window to window using super strong suction cups. Make sure before you buy a cat perch that you check for the maximum weight limit. It should be at least 40 pounds.  There are many fun options for cat perches these days. Giving your cat safe vertical zones you are helping their natural instinct to be able to survey their area for predators.