Furs Away: All You Need to Know about Cat Grooming and Deshedding

Furs Away: All You Need to Know about Cat Grooming and Deshedding

Being a cat parent is a full-time job. Your pet is entirely dependent on you for everything they need, and you must provide the very best, so your feline friend can remain happy and healthy for years to come.

One of the most challenging aspects of caring for a cat is fulfilling its grooming needs. Cats continuously grow and shed millions of hairs, and it seems that they all somehow end up on your upholstery!

Grooming your cat is a year-round job, and there’s no escaping it. Not grooming your cat enough—especially long-haired ones—can lead to dirt buildup, tangles, matted hair, and potentially very expensive vet bills.

Charlie, our Chief Feline Officer (CFO), knows it can be a lot to keep up with your cat’s grooming demands. And very few cats deign to submit to their humans’ commands anyway.

There’s no reason to fret—Charlie has got you covered!

If you’ve been wondering how often should cats get groomed, Charlie is here to discuss everything you know, including the importance of keeping your cat well-groomed regularly.

In this furry feline guide, Charlie will help you understand the difference between brushing and shedding tools, and how to make the most out of them!

Importance of Cat Grooming: More Than a Vanity Project

One thing Charlie often hears from cat owners is that cats are low-maintenance creatures that should be left to do their own thing.

The truth is that cats need human help as much as any other pet. Cats like to groom themselves, sure, but they often cannot remove all the dirt and grime on their own. They may get mats in their fur that are impossible to untangle without human intervention.

If you’ve ever tried to comb out your hair right after waking up in the morning, your cat may be experiencing something similar.  

And so, the simple answer to the question how often should cats get groomed is this: we recommend brushing your cat once a day, regardless of their hair length. Follow this with a session with the de-shedder once or twice a week.

The Many Benefits of Regular Cat Grooming

More than a vanity project, regular grooming will help maintain a clean and loving home for both you and your cat.

There are several benefits to keeping your cat well-groomed, such as:

1. You Will Have a Healthier Cat

Regular grooming and de-shedding ward off parasites like fleas and ticks that can cause infections in your cat. It can also help prevent hairballs from forming.

If your cat likes to roll around outside, regular brushing will help get rid of excess dirt, leading to skin irritation if left unchecked.

2. Your Cat Will Be Happier

Grooming time can be bonding time for you and your furry friend, which gives them time to relax.

Keeping your feline friend well-groomed can also help improve their mood. Cats can become depressed or anxious when they feel their coat is matted or dirty, so a thorough brushing and regular de-shedding will help them feel better.

Brushing tools like this Self-Massaging Cat Comb by Politically Incorrect Pets are great for a quick grooming session.

3. Your Cat Will Not Scratch Everywhere at Home

Keeping your cat groomed can keep them from scratching the furniture or walls in your home, saving you money on repairs or replacements.

For example, trimming your cat’s nails will prevent them from using those nails on your baseboards or chair legs. You should also brush their fur daily to avoid the accumulation of dander and matting. A de-shedder will also help—doing both makes good grooming sense as it only takes one or two minutes!

4. Your Cat Will Be More Likely To Play With You

If you can get them to settle down, most cats like being brushed and groomed! Brushing your cat and using a de-shedding tool is a great way to strengthen your bond. Your cat will enjoy the attention and the petting, and they will remain inclined to spend time with you.

Know the Difference: Brushing vs. Deshedding Tools

Now that you know how important it is to keep your cat well-groomed, Charlie will take you through the tools you need to keep them clean and how often should cats get groomed.

There are two main cat grooming tools: brushing tools and de-shedding tools. It’s easy to mistake one tool for the other, but they have very different functions.

We recommend adding both to your weekly grooming routine so your cat’s fur will always be clean, tangle-free, and shiny!

Brushing Tools

Brushing tools are all about comfort. These tools are designed to massage your cat’s muscles while grooming them. They are great for maintaining your cat’s coat and keeping it healthy. They effectively remove dander, dead skin cells, dirt, debris, and excess fur.

Brushing tools also help distribute the natural oils in your cat’s hair so that their coat maintains a healthy sheen. They loosen fur so that cats can enjoy the process.

Brushing can be a great bonding experience for you and your cat. But if you can’t be around to brush them as often as they like, Politically Incorrect Pets’ self-brushing tools such as the Connect Kitty Comber by Kong are great accessories to have at home. They make cat parents’ lives so much easier, and cats love them!

Deshedding Tools

Simply brushing out your cat’s fur is not enough, so you must get de-shedding tools. Always follow up a good, long brushing session with a de-shedder once or twice a week.

De-shedding tools are used for one specific purpose: getting rid of all the extra fur that seems to get everywhere! Regular de-shedding can drastically reduce the stray fur all over your house.

Deshedding tools are best for areas where your cat sheds more than usual, like the underbelly or around the tail. This Cat Deshedding Comb by Pidan is perfect for cats who shed constantly or whose fur is overly coarse, such as Maine Coons or Norwegian Forest Cats.

This comb works by grabbing onto loose hair and pulling it out. Deshedding must be done once a week at most so you don’t irritate your cat’s skin.

You can find more grooming tools and other essential products for your furry feline friend at Politically Incorrect Pets. We highly recommend their tools, especially the self-grooming and de-shedder options. They are a fantastic way to supplement your cat’s grooming routine, and soon you’ll wonder how you have lived without them all these years!