How to keep the holiday’s merry for you and your cat.

We have all had to suffer through one or more holiday disasters with our cat. Cat proofing your house for the holidays is a lot like toddler proofing your house. You can make your house look festive just be more creative in your decorating.

Probably the biggest fear is the tree and it is not as big a problem as you think. Invest in a sturdy tree stand, something that will not tip so easily. Trust me, it is money well spent. Now it is time to edit the ornaments. Put non-breakable less valuable ornaments on the lower part of the tree. Put your family heirlooms and breakable ornaments more towards the middle and top of the tree. Leave the tinsel off altogether.  Another idea is to put a few cat friendly baubles on the tree like ornaments with bells on them nice and low. Better to listen to bells than your whole tree crashing down.

As for all the other festive decorations it is best to decorate your house as if you had an inquisitive two-year-old. Try putting your table decorations slightly back and out of paws reach. If it won’t pass the toddler test it certainly will not pass the cat test. Presents can be a real hazard to your cat. A swallowed ribbon can result in large vet bills or worse. Larger bows that are not easily pried off and less easily chewed are a good idea. Just be prepared to re-tape them occasionally! Or let the wrapping paper be the star and let them go ribbon free. As the holidays arrive so do all those delicious holiday goodies. It may be tempting to treat your cat but in most cases not a good idea. A lot of cats suffer from sensitive stomachs and all cats are lactose intolerant. Okay let’s fess up almost all of us are guilty of sharing the turkey, just be extra careful there is no skin or bones of any kind. It is never a good idea to give your cat a turkey bone of any size.

Happy Holidays and don’t forget to put a present under the tree for your favourite feline!