Tips to help a depressed cat

 Here are a few tips to help a depressed cat. If you think your cat is depressed the very first thing you need to do is to schedule an appointment to see your trusty Veterinarian. Once you have ruled out ill-health as a reason for the lethargy it is time to consider a few other options. Just like humans, cats can suffer from depression.

Here are a few things to look for. Is your cat sleeping more than they usually do? Does your cat seem lethargic? Has it been a while since your cat woke you up at 6am wanting to play? Does your cat still want to play every night? Traditionally for wild cats evening and early morning are hunting times. For indoor cats that usually translates into increased activity. If you are not seeing that anymore you need to ask yourself a few straightforward questions. Has there been a change in the household routine, death of a family member or a new partner? It could be something else, time to consider that maybe your cat is just outright bored.  Boredom causes depression for “hoomans” and felines alike.

Carve out some time every day to play fun games with your cat. A good go at the laser is tons of fun, how about that feather? Every cat has a great go to toy. An indoor cat without toys is a bored cat indeed. How about a dedicated indoor playground? It does not have to be too much of a space commitment. A cat tree, a bed and a toy box of your cats favorite toys. Don’t worry it will not take them long to start taking the toys out of the toy box.

If you are away long periods of time consider “Cat TV”. That’s right, Cat TV! Pick a nice sunny window with lots of room and hang a few bird feeders right outside the window. Or leave nuts out for the squirrels. Your cats will be tucked safely away inside so no harm comes to the birds. Your cat will be entertained for hours watching the endless parade of birds and small wildlife munching away. It might be a good idea to move away the breakables! Cats are not the solitary animals we all think they are. After all, it is called “A pride of Lions” for a reason. What’s the old adage,” what’s one more?” Maybe your favorite feline just needs a buddy. Consider adopting another cat, dog, gerbil, hamster, you get the idea. Another small heartbeat in the house your cat can bond with. Just a few simple things to keep your cat happy . Remember a well exercised cat is a happy cat!