How to choose the right toy for your dog.

Like young children no two dogs like the same kind of toy. There are many factors to consider when buying your dog a new toy. You certainly do not buy a two year old child a toy and expect it to last them until they see their teenage years. The same principal applies to your dog. Although every toy eventually wears out , a good quality toy should last a reasonable amount of time. Before you make a purchase may we suggest you take some time to study what your dog loves to do. We hear a lot of “my dog destroys everything so I stopped buying toys”. A bored dog can quickly develop bad habits. Toys are an essential part of your dogs behavioral development. It keeps their body and their mind active. Perhaps your dog keeps destroying his toys because you are buying him the wrong kind of toy.

Does your dog like to play fetch games the most? Try our Silly Squeaker Breedable. It is designed specifically for dogs who prefer fetch games . Fetch based toys are especially good for dogs that love the exercise and are more interested in the chase than the chew. The is  Major Dog Tussle Dummy another great toy to look at. There are a lot of great fetch toys other than the classic ball. Go ahead, mix it up!

Is your dog a chewer? There are lots of toys designed just for chewers. A light chewer is admittedly the easiest to buy for. Try the Fab Dog Floppy Flamingoloaded with five squeakers it is the ultimate toy for a medium to large breed light chewer. Some dogs will rip through a traditional chew toy so quickly you might just want to stay away from stuffing altogether. Stick with a good quality toy that offers maybe a crinkly sound instead of stuffing. Just as fun to chew and tug but no stuffing. May we suggest the Be One Breed Moose? It has everything a dog needs BUT the stuffing.

Perhaps the hardest to buy for is the heavy chewer. You want to keep them happy and entertained but also you don’t want to buy a new toy every other day. Heavy chewers come in all shapes and sizes. It is just common sense to spend a little more money and buy one good toy than 20 cheap toys at the discount store. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.Sure, every once in a while you toss your bestie a toy that you know is going to last a week at best but it was just too cute to pass up. What every dog owner needs is a few tried and trusted toys that you know are going to hang around a while. You can’t go wrong with a Tuggo Water Weighted Dog Toy. We are not kidding when we say they are tested on full sized Tigers! If a Tiger can’t destroy it chances are neither can your dog. Not interested in a resistance toy? Try the Major Dog Barbell. Designed in Finland, these toys pay every attention to quality.

Let’s not forget about the smaller and toy breeds. They may be small but they play like a big dog. However, small dogs need toys especially developed for them. Smaller, easier to grab toys that are softer on little mouths.Just because your dog is small it still can be rough on toys. A small dog loves to do all the same things as a big dog,it just needs the right toy to do it! Try the Major Dog WhirlEspecially designed for the mouths of a small dog it is easy to grab and run with. Is your Dog small but still a heavy chewer? Try the Tuggo water weighted toy in it’s mini size. By researching and buying your small dog toys especially made for them you are keeping your small dog happy and active.