Want to adopt a kitten? Make it two! PicPetShop tells you why.

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Exciting as the decision to adopt a kitten is, it is also a very serious one. It can make or break the purr-fect harmony of any hooman’s world. A kitten is no less or no more work than a little doggo. But, there are stark differences in the behavioural and emotional development of puppies and kittens. So, why should you consider two kittens for adoption?

Well, dear pawrent, strap in! Charlie, the Chief Feline Officer (CFO) at Politically Incorrect Pets! is here to answer the big query: should cats be adopted in pairs?

Yes, of course!

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Why should cats be adopted in pairs?

The best answer, according to Charlie, would be: ‘The more, the merrier!’ But, we understand that’s not always possible. Yet, for those hoomans who are looking to adopt a kitten for the first time, here are some five noteworthy reasons to get two instead of one:

Here are five noteworthy reasons to get two instead of one:

Saving multiple kitten lives

Are you a cat person without a feline of yours? Are you searching online for ‘kittens for adoption near me’? Are you doing it for the first time? If you are looking to adopt a kitten to save some animal lives, you are moving in the right direction.

Charlie’s advice is to get a minimum of two kittens together. You will be saving precious kitten lives. And, it will add some crazy kitten karma points to your lot!

Making sure your kitten has company

Yes, cats are solitary meow-narchs of their territory. But, that does not mean that cats always love loneliness. A single kitten can get bored and depressed when its pawrents are not around. So, for the mental and emotional health of your feline, they must have company. And, what’s better than another kitten?!

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Single and bored kittens are troublemakers

A fully-grown cat does better on its own than a young kitten. But, if you have a single kitten in your house, it will get bored, especially when the paw-rents aren’t home. Not only would it be better for the emotional health of your kitten to have a playmate, it will also be safer for your house and the people in it!

A bored cat will become mischievous and difficult to handle. You do not want your guest getting scratched by your young feline! Little Horus, if he has company, will keep busy with its playmate even when you are not around. This will keep your curtains, sofas, and your guests safe and free for kitty-cuddling without fear!

Natural kitten-training happens in pair

Having a playmate creates a more natural habitat for your little kitten. Kittens learn by copying: litter-training, grooming, washing up after meals, and more. Having another kitten who learns faster can help your little slowpoke learn faster how to behave or use the litter box. And, better!

Also, you will not be the only one that the kitten will trouble for attention. Charlie agrees constant care can sometimes get a little tedious for hoomans. Two kittens, instead of one, will help each other burn energy by doing cat activities together!

Two kittens mean double fun plus double cuteness

Two kittens will play so hard together that they will wear each other out and fall asleep wherever they are. Is there anything more adorable than seeing two kittens sleep on each other? Charlie meows a hard no. And, yes, you get to witness the endless playing before sleep-time!

Some home essentials when you adopt a kitten (or two!)

So, Charlie has now convinced you, dear pawrent, that two kittens are better than one. But, now it is about setting up your house for them. And if you are of the belief that your dog’s old things will work, we hate to break it to you that they will not


Here are some kittens’ essentials that are a must in your house if you are looking to adopt multiple kittens:


No scratchers in a house with kittens means your furniture and curtains will have a short life. That’s why it is crucial to have a few scratchers around the house. And, the size of scratchers should get bigger as your kittens grow. At Politically Incorrect Pets!, we have many fun-looking scratchers that will blend into any decor. Two great ones are Flying Fish Cat Scratching Post and Deluxe Scratching Post by Hauspanther. If your kittens belong to a large breed, we also have scratchers made with large breed cats in mind.

Kitten toys and treats

The kittens’ toys that you choose must be sturdy and appropriately sized. Can the toy be accidentally swallowed by your kitten? Kittens’ hoomans should take a lot of care choosing toys for them. The unique Forever Fun Treat Track and the Puzzlements Pockets Play Mat by Kong are solid choices for growing kittens who need their play.

Doors to safe spaces

If kittens or any new cat join a house with dogs or children, they need a safe space. They need a special place to hide their litter boxes and keep dogs away from the kitten food. If you are looking to adopt kittens, Charlie suggests that you get the Cat Corridor Interior Cat Door for your felines.

Water all the time

Kittens play a lot. Spending so much energy makes them thirsty, and they need a continuous supply of clean water to drink. This means that you have to fill your kittens’ water bowls again and again. If you forget, you risk leaving your cat thirsty. A better, safer idea is the Gen3 Eversweet Fountain.

Looking to adopt a kitten in Ontario? Make that two!

Charlie is not fond of searches about ‘where can I adopt a kitten in Toronto’. But, he loves when people search ‘where can I find kittens for adoption near me.’ Or, his favorite: ‘where can I adopt more than two kittens in Toronto‘!

At Politically Incorrect Pets!, we work hard on understanding the needs and requirements of our pets. Of course, Charlie is a little biased towards kittens over puppies, but the rest of us love all animals the same way! Our kittens’ toys selection will take care of all your needs and requirements when you find your pair of kittens for cat adoption!


And if you’re just not that into kittens, but puppies instead (we won’t tell Charlie, promise!), why not check out our blog about what are the best toys for puppies?